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We offer two Signature Smile courses. The first course, which runs over 3 hours, includes short lectures encompassing digital photography, introducing digital dentistry and finally how to introduce Signature Smile into your practice. The second part of this course will be using models implementing the Signature Smile workflow.

As most dentists are very comfortable utilising composite, most will be happy to introduce Signature Smile into their practice immediately. However, for those who would like more guidance, we offer a one-day course which has the same content as the 3-hour course but also has a live patient undergoing the Signature Smile in the afternoon.

signature smile certified

Why Choose Signature Smile?

  • You and your patients will receive affordable, high-quality UK-produced products
  • Digital scanning improves accuracy, reduces cost and improves profitability
  • You and your team will receive full training
  • Your patient is empowered as part of the design process
  • Our workflows will significantly reduce your patients' chair time

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